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1 in 5 mothers, 1 in 10 fathers

Join 9 News Presenter, Davina Smith in a podcast that tells the silent truth of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety (PNDA) loudly, in raw and honest accounts from some of the one in five mothers and one and ten fathers living with it. Paired with expert insights from psychologists and counsellors in the field, this podcast explores the realities of parenthood, breaks down stigma surrounding perinatal mental health, and gives you the tools on how and when to seek support.

Available to stream from GFA website, LiSTNR, Spotify, Apple from 3 MAY 2023.

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Series 1

Postnatal psychosis and starting the conversation

June 1, 2023

Working in the mental health space herself, Gen knew what postnatal psychosis was, but it wasn’t until she experienced paranoid delusions that she really understood first-hand what it meant. Speaking to host Davina Smith, Gen shares how a medical emergency after giving birth triggered a psychosis that saw her admitted to hospital without her baby Arlo. Building attachment throughout treatment is discussed, as well as the common misunderstandings people with postnatal psychosis face. Dr Erin Seeto also joins the conversation to discuss exactly what postnatal psychosis is, how to identify early warning signs, and how to seek help.

Series 1

Reducing isolation and finding support in remote areas

May 25, 2023

Moving away from the city for love was an adventure Steph was ready for, but when she fell pregnant, the isolation from family, friends and even medical services had her questioning everything. Speaking to host Davina Smith, Steph describes the challenges of readjusting to a new lifestyle and the frustrations at the lack of health care services at a time when they were most needed. Creating communities, evolving relationships and loneliness are discussed, with Psychologist Dr Erin Seeto joining the conversation to reveal exactly where and how people living regionally, rural and remote can seek help.

Series 1

Craig's Story: Accepting help as a father

May 18, 2023

Craig thought he went into parenthood prepared, but what he never expected was that it would be him asking for help. Speaking to host Davina Smith, Craig shares how he almost crumbled under the weight of being ‘superdad’, and how an average ferry ride home from work left him fearful of what he might do next. Stigma, as well as the unique challenges fathers and non-birthing partners face when becoming parents is discussed, with psychotherapist Derek Ebbs joining the conversation to reveal just how beneficial support for fathers can be.

Series 1

Dealing with grief, living with loss

May 11, 2023

At 22 weeks pregnant, Annabel Bower got the news no parent wants to hear; her son Miles would not make it…

Talking to host Davina Smith, Annabel reveals how grief almost consumed her and how she learnt to live with loss through sharing her story.

Contending with confusing medical jargon, adjusting to life after loss, and supporting parents through grief is discussed, with Psychologist Dr Erin Seeto from Gidget Foundation Australia joining the conversation to give insight into the impact of child loss on mental health and the unique experience parents face as they work through unimaginable pain.

Series 1

When it's time to ask for help with Chelsea Pottenger

May 5, 2023

Speaking to host Davina Smith, Chelsea tells the story of an easy-going pregnancy that ultimately resulted in an admission to a mother-baby unit. Perfectionism, breastfeeding challenges, and finding purpose after trauma are discussed, with Counsellor Amelia Walker from Gidget Foundation Australia joining the discussion to unpack what PNDA is and how / when to seek help.

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