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Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program

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About the Program

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Pregnancy and early parenthood are unique experiences bringing joy along with challenges and often filled with mixed emotions. The journey to parenthood is a time of great change and adjustment. During pregnancy, your emotional health is just as important as your physical health. Recognising this, Gidget Foundation Australia has developed the Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program.

This unique program is based on research evidence and is supported by leading psychiatrists, obstetricians and midwives. The Australian National Perinatal Health Guidelines (2011, 2017) recommend all pregnant women have a routine mental health check-up. Pregnant women planning to give birth in the public hospital system in Australia receive this support. While the Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program is based on this model, it has been specially developed for use within the private hospital system.

What's involved

The Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program model provides a one-on-one appointment with a specially trained midwife for expectant mothers booked in to have their baby at selected private hospitals. While most antenatal care is focused on the physical wellbeing of mother and baby, this appointment is an important opportunity to discuss emotional wellbeing.

The conversation can be wide-ranging; however, the trained midwives will also ask some questions that will help them professionally assess every expectant mother’s emotional health. The appointment is confidential; however, the information will be shared with the mother’s obstetrician to ensure continuity of care. Resources and support options can also be discussed should an expectant mother need them.


The Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program is a routine inclusion of antenatal care at the following private hospitals:

  • Greenslopes Private Hospital, Greenslopes (QLD)
  • Kareena Private Hospital, Caringbah (NSW)
  • Mater Hospital, North Sydney (NSW)
  • North Shore Private Hospital, St Leonards (NSW)
  • Northern Beaches Hospital, Frenchs Forest (NSW)
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Fitzroy (VIC)
  • Westmead Private Hospital, Westmead (NSW)

Plans are in place for the program to be replicated at a number of private hospitals across Australia. This will ensure that pregnant women throughout Australia will have access to this important aspect of pregnancy care. To find out more about the Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program please send an inquiry to contact@gidgetfoundation.org.au

Please click here to download the Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program brochure.

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Need urgent help?

1300 726 306
Mon-Fri 9.00am to 7.30pm (AEST)

13 11 14
Helpline is open 24 hours/day

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