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Gidget Foundation Australia and Tresillian

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Gidget's story

Gidget was a vibrant young mother who tragically took her own life while experiencing postnatal depression, a diagnosis that she kept to herself.

In her honour, her family and friends created Gidget Foundation Australia.

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Gidget Foundation Australia Tresillian Scholarship

Since 2008, Gidget Foundation Australia has funded an annual scholarship for a Tresillian nurse to complete a Mental Health Course to complement the skills they already have in child and family health care.


"What an amazing initiative this has been, and the skills these nurses have gained have undoubtedly enabled many families to receive quality care in the area of mental health.  We are extremely grateful to the Gidget Foundation for their foresight in providing Tresillian with what is a lasting legacy."

Robert Mills, CEO Tresilian

What We Do

What We Do

About Tresillian

Tresillian is a not-for-profit organisation that assists around 80,000 Australian families each year.  A Parent’s Help Line, Live Chat Service, Day Services and Residential/inpatient Care are some of the services offered by Tresillian. With services rapidly expanding to reach more metropolitan and regional families, Tresillian helps parents gain confidence in their roles as mums and dads and provides evidence-based education and support around breastfeeding, infant sleep and settling and nutrition to maximise each families’ wellbeing.

An important role of Tresillian is identifying and supporting new parents who are at risk of or are experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety, so the family can receive the help they need as early as possible. Both individual counselling and group therapy is offered by a highly experienced multidisciplinary team including psychologists, social workers credentialed to provide psychological services, psychiatrists and child and family health Nurses.

For more information visit www.tresillian.org.au

Scholarship recipients

Kim Lyes
Tamara Montgomery
Jennifer Leece
Elizabeth Shields
Julie Maddox
Megan Sena
2015, 2017
Jacqueline Walker
Heather Kerrigan
Clare Forshaw
Judith Tripodi
Elizabeth Shields
Jeanette Dries
Kerry Harley
Susan Mayall
Julie Corkin
Jan Aiello
Patsy Quealy
Gidget's story

Gidget was the nickname of a vibrant young mother who tragically took her own life while experiencing unrecognised postnatal depression.

In her honour, her family and friends created Gidget Foundation Australia, which evokes Gidget’s warmth and lively spirit.

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