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Acknowledging our LGBTQIA+ Community

Gidget Foundation Australia is proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community through the LGBTQIA+ Group. We welcome people of all genders, sexualities, and identities and we strive to ensure that the psychological services we provide are inclusive and accessible for all.

In 2023, we commissioned queer artist Meg Minkley to adapt the colours of the Progress Pride Flag to our signature Gidget Gerbera. The purpose of this artwork is to represent the LGBTQIA+ community and clearly demonstrate that the queer community is unequivocally welcome at Gidget Foundation Australia. The artwork, titled “All the Colours" will be replicated and displayed in every Gidget House around Australia.

The LGBTQIA+ Group is excited to continue the journey of learning how to make Gidget Foundation Australia a wholly inclusive organisation. We are listening to those who have lived experience of perinatal depression and anxiety as a queer person and understanding how layered and complex this experience can be. All Gidget Clinicians are encouraged to be trained in LGBTQIA+ specific issues, and the entire organisation is working with the LGBTQIA+ Group to seek advice for continual improvement in our LGBTQIA+ knowledge.
Artist, Meg Minkley, presenting her artwork “All the Colours” at Gidget House North Sydney.
Artist, Meg Minkley, presenting her artwork“All the Colours” at Gidget House North Sydney.
“This work represents unity and a home for all. It is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and a coming together of colour that welcomes all humans and heartbeats to Gidget Foundation Australia’s door. Within this piece are seven colours that make up the Progress Pride Flag, painted to walk hand in hand with GFA’s core values. Each of these colours needs the other to stand out and have meaning. Together, they
are better, braver, and bolder. These brushstrokes have been made to represent our LGBTQIA+ community as they dance around the heartbeat of this piece—the Gidget Gerbera, each of her petals a colour—standing for Life, Healing, Prosperity, Serenity, Spirit, Inclusivity and Community.”
Meg Minkley
"I am privileged to hold the position of Chair for the LGBTQIA+ Group. Social inclusion and advocacy for equality form part of my core values and are equally a key focus for Gidget Foundation Australia. This Group is focused on ensuring that all clients, staff, clinicians, and stakeholders know that they are in a safe space and celebrated in their individuality. The LGBTQIA+ Group will play a key role in providing Gidget Foundation Australia with advice and recommendations on promoting inclusion and diversity, ensuring that the LGBTQIA+ community feels welcomed, and that queer experiences are valued, represented, and treated with compassion.

Eliza Pike, Chair of the Gidget Foundation Australia LGBTQIA+ Group

LGBTQIA+ Group Members

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