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Derek Ebbs

Derek Ebbs

Derek is a Clinical Relationship Psychotherapist specialising in the Attachment

bond between parent and child and the implications for adult relationships - the

attachment bond between couples.

His Masters research 'Intimate Passionate Marriage' was in the area of Intimacy

in Relationships.

His special interest and research paper on attachment relationships consolidated

his view that a Systemic approach to the individual, couple and family interlinked

with Attachment theory can empower the person to empathically accept their

situation and enable lasting change to emerge. Derek believes that a healthier,

balanced couple and family can bring so much more to an individual and the

couple and the nurturing can be reciprocal and growth enabling. An available and

responsive partner creates a holding environment for intimacy to grow securely.

Derek has further studied with Dr. Kent Hoffman (one of the originators of Circle

of Security) the advanced subtleties and core sensitivities of the anxiety present

in a marriage where circular dissatisfaction has become the pattern. This may be

felt as resentment, anger, distrust, sexual frustration, fear and loneliness. The

impact on the children is that they have less available and responsive parents.

Derek has helped many couples and parents (and hence children) move from a

disorganised unsatisfying relationship to a more stable secure thriving and safe

environment where kids thrive.

Derek also facilitates groups with dads and men who struggle to express feelings

in their intimate relationships. He facilitated the Men’s Behaviour Change

Program at Relationships Australia, set up and runs the Men’s Behaviour Change

Program for Anglicare. He ran New Dads groups at Westmead hospital and he

developed and facilitates the dad’s group, Parenting in Partnership for the Gidget


A native of Ireland, Derek is the seventh son of the seventh and enjoys the

struggles and joys of being dad to his four thriving big kids who are continually

growing to be fully human and fully alive.

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