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Information and support for expectant and new dads

Parenthood can be a wonderful and special time, but it also has its challenges.

Pregnancy and the first year of parenthood (the perinatal period) can be a uniquely special time. It is also a time of great adjustment and the impact is often underestimated in our society.

It’s very common to feel overwhelmed and stressed during your partner’s pregnancy or when looking after a new baby, so it’s a good idea to have a conversation with a trusted person. Dads can often find help in spending time with other dads, chatting to friends, relatives or health professionals.

Often offloading and sharing fears and frustrations is all that is needed, and a good listener might be able to help you work through how you’re really feeling. Sometimes emotional and practical support is all that is needed. However, if you are worried at all about how you’re feeling, make an appointment with your GP as they will have the professional skills to support you or refer you to further help if necessary.

Accessing this help for perinatal depression and anxiety can be daunting and sometimes difficult. Making the first approach to a professional is not always easy.
Sometimes dads don’t seek help because:

  • they may not realise they have a problem that can be treated
  • the stigma associated with mental health problems
  • many dads hide behind masks, not even sharing their feelings with close friends
  • many dads are afraid of asking for help

Despite this, it is worthwhile persevering and finding the right help. Research has consistently shown that parents who receive timely professional counselling have the best chances of recovering more quickly from perinatal depression and anxiety and going on to become empowered, healthy parents.

You are not alone