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Simone Short
Gidget Founder, Gidget's Sister

Simone is a Gidget Founder, is currently in the position of Chair of the Board of Directors, and is the youngest sister of Gidget.

Zarnie Berthold
Gidget Founder

Zarnie is a Gidget Founder and passionate advocate for PNDA support and mental health.

Kim Mouret
Gidget Founder

Kim met Gidget in her first year of high school, their friendship continued after school, through pregnancy and beyond.

Lou Hunter
Gidget Founder

Lou Hunter is a founding Committee member and close school friend of Gidget. Her primary responsibility as Coordinator of the Raffles and Auctions for all the Gidget Foundation fundraising events

Stephanie Hughes
Gidget Founder

Steph joined the Gidget Founders while working at Gidget Foundation Australia as the General Manager. Her role included overseeing the program design and launch of the first Gidget House in North Sydney.

Jacqui Cotton
Gidget Founder, Gidget's Sister

Jacqui is Gidget's middle sister, a founding member of the Committee, and a freelance Executive Producer.

Libby Bowditch
Gidget Founder

Libby is a founding member and was the first President of the Gidget Foundation. She was a close friend of Gidget’s.